Trying to be noticed.



If you’re reading this having seen my sign then welcome to my blog and please have a look around all the other pages….


I have always had the belief that quality of work itself should be enough to speak for itself.  For this reason my sign has just enough information for anyone intrigued to follow the address to this site.

The sign is simply a piece of Elm that has been peeled back on itself and shaped a little.  The letters found inside are mirrored; incised above, and reflected in relief on the peeling.

I have done much incised letter cutting but little in the way of relief lettering.  There has been no necessity for it in the past and I have had little interest in it creatively as font and structure are traditionally restrained by certain parameters for strength reasons, resulting in heavy and clumsy letters.  As the two carving forms are mirrored, and I refused to loose the finesse of good incised letters I had to overcome this problem, which, as is often the case, not so much of a problem in the end.

I like to make work that makes people wonder.  I like to make work that reflects my learning.  The challenges in this work should be fairly obvious.  My intention though is not to show that I can make bendy carved signs, rather it is to draw notice to all my work in all its forms.

Presently the sign has no home, I’ve been told the place that I had intended it for will only take regulation sized signs.  I’m working on it though and hope it to be up soon…..



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  1. I love this piece – saw it as I land in East Portlemouth and as I leave. It’s beautiful and served the purpose you write about here.

    Loved your boathouse work for Terry too on the beach.

    Coming to visit – need to know if I can afford a split elm piece like this – or if it’s a one-0ff!

    Hope not

    Are you around this week?


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